Monday, November 15, 2010

It's starting to look like a house.

Last week they finished the second floor and put the roof on. They also ran the plumbing and duct work. It's actually starting to look like a house now. We went up on Friday and the project manager was in the house with the level making sure everything looked correct. He said he goes through and checks stuff for a couple hours every now and then. When we came back later that day it looked like he had marked up many things for the framers to come back and fix. He caught way more stuff then I would have. Nothing major but many bowed boards and spots where the floor needed to be glued. The PM also told us we can lock into an interest rate now but unfortunately they were lower about 2 weeks ago. We are going to hold out for a bit and hope they get better. Does anyone know if they insulate the ceiling in the garage that is above the bedrooms? We were hoping so for two reasons the first being to keep the rooms warm and because the plumbing for the laundry room runs there and I would think they want to insulate the pipes. We are planning on asking our PM this on his next call. 


  1. They insulate the ceiling above the garage to the point where the rooms end. They leave about the first ten feet of garage uninsultaed

  2. Thanks!! That's what I was hoping they would do. Didn't know if I would have to insulate it myself before they dry walled.