Monday, July 18, 2011

Wood Blinds on Sale

Hey guys, I don't know if any of you ever check slick deals . It's a forum where people post the best deals for the day. Anyway there is a post for home depot online. 50% off blinds plus 10 dollars off 50 (coupon code on site) and 10% cashback with shop discover. Seemed like a good deal to me so I thought i would share the link

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Finally a Driveway (and a yard question)

We were happy that they finally poured our driveway today. It has been raining so much around here that they have not got to pour it. They scraped our driveway to prep it 2 weeks ago so we have been parking on the road since then. We actually even got a ticket for it! Will post a picture later.

Now on to my question...what did everyone do for their yards? We were told that we would have a yard put in by Ryan which they called a stabilization package. Ryan said they would do the grading and plant grass seed, and if we wanted we could upgrade the grass seed for an additional charge but the labor would be free since they were planting seed anyway. So I call the landscaper yesterday and he says what we are getting is in no way a yard, will never be a yard, and we cannot upgrade the seed unless we have 20 yards of top soil brought in and this would cost us 1200 dollars! I understand this may not be a bad deal but 1200 dollars seems like a lot when we were told we could upgrade the seed if we wanted and everything else should be free. I talked with my project manager who had told me from the start that he believed the dirt we had was good enough to plant on and he is putting in a call to the landscaping company(who has not even come out to look at the yard). He advised that we get a soil analysis, so I think this will be our next step. What is everyone else doing?

Monday, April 11, 2011


Hey everyone!! We have decided to start with the painting process.  The white walls in the mudroom were just awful. Every little mark would show on the walls and it won't wipe off.  We started with the bathroom first. I decided to do a brown accent wall (which I love)!! The brown is Plantation Brown from Sherwin Williams. The other color is called Bittersweet Stem. I love my bathroom. After painting the bathroom, I decided to do something similar in the mudroom. I had over a half a gallon of brown paint left. So, I used the same brown and went and got a lighter color for the rest.   This time my husband made me go to walmart and get paint after he found out how much I spent a Sherwin Williams. lol  So, that color is called natural linen. We also got the bench from Kohls. Thanks to the Blog ''From Knot to Nest''. We absolutely love it and it goes great in there.  Hope everyone is enjoying the building process and there new homes!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Finally some UPDATES!!!

It has been a couple months since our last post.  We have been super busy!! We moved into our house the first week in January. So far we are loving everything about it. Here are some of the pics.

                                                               Master Bedroom

Master Bath

Laundry Room

Upstairs Bathroom

Spare Bedroom

View from Front Door

Living Room


Mud Room