Monday, April 11, 2011


Hey everyone!! We have decided to start with the painting process.  The white walls in the mudroom were just awful. Every little mark would show on the walls and it won't wipe off.  We started with the bathroom first. I decided to do a brown accent wall (which I love)!! The brown is Plantation Brown from Sherwin Williams. The other color is called Bittersweet Stem. I love my bathroom. After painting the bathroom, I decided to do something similar in the mudroom. I had over a half a gallon of brown paint left. So, I used the same brown and went and got a lighter color for the rest.   This time my husband made me go to walmart and get paint after he found out how much I spent a Sherwin Williams. lol  So, that color is called natural linen. We also got the bench from Kohls. Thanks to the Blog ''From Knot to Nest''. We absolutely love it and it goes great in there.  Hope everyone is enjoying the building process and there new homes!!